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I love to learn from many different people, and that’s why I’ve invited so many experts to teach us about the Quadrants. This week, I’ve invited two money experts to join me and share their wisdom during the Energetic Quadrant. You might be surprised that we are discussing money this week, but money is energy.

Stop right now and think about money. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. How do you feel? Do you feel panicky and tight in your chest? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel secure and comfortable? Whatever feelings thinking about money gives you, the fact that it gives you that many feelings means it is not just a piece of paper. Go ahead, think about a blank white piece of paper. Feel the difference?

Even if you aren’t completely with me yet that money is energy, I think we can at least agree that money is more than just a physical object. Because it is more than just the paper it is printed on, it does have an impact on our health.


First, a bit of background on stress: there’s been a lot of research recently that has been reported on by the news, so you probably know the impact of stress. In prehistoric times, it was an important warning signal of danger; when we were hunters and gatherers, we needed to protect ourselves from large predators, like lions and tigers, and that fight or flight responses was essential. But now, we can get trapped in that same fight or flight response, which can lead to a variety of physical diseases. Dr. Jay Winner says, “[Stress] can also exacerbate just about any health condition you can think of.”

Many of the chronic diseases that are so common in the United States right now are tied to stress. These diseases include obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. We know that stress isn’t the only cause of these diseases, but it is becoming clear that stress is both a contributor to the development of the disease and it’s a result of the disease. Stress has a big effect on our body and on the rest of our lives as well.

Financial Stress

Lisa Ginter, the CEO at CommunityAmerica Credit Union, points out that financial stress is the same as any type of stress in the health effects that it can have. She says, “Any kind of financial stress that is placed on anyone can put quite a burden on their wellbeing. For couples, it can put a strain on their relationship or marriage. It brings about a level of unhappiness and friction, that is just overall not healthy for you.”

Get a Financial Checkup

As a money expert, Lisa recommends getting an annual financial checkup.

She says that as we journey through life, we come up to many different crossroads. Without a clear plan in place, it is easy to feel unsure about whether to go left or to go right, and we can get stuck at that crossroads. Getting stuck is just one instance that you might feel an increase in financial stress.

The annual financial checkup is just like an annual physical checkup with your doctor. Just as your doctor will ask questions about what has happened in your life and how you are feeling, a financial advisor will do the same. Instead of asking about physical symptoms, they will ask about your financial health. As Lisa says, they will help you “understand what you have in place, what you don’t, what’s important where you’re at, and at the crossroads that you’re at, or even the stage that you’re at in life.” They can help you create a plan for your finances for the next year.

Creating a plan for your finances can alleviate a lot of stress. Instead of worrying about where your money is going or what you need, you will know. It will also free up time that you can give back to yourself or your family.

Lisa’s mission is to help people find financial peace of mind, and an annual financial checkup is one small step to take to get it. If you live or work in the Kansas City area, Lisa invites you to take advantage of the services offered at CommunityAmerica. If you don’t live in Kansas City, check out the financial services offered at your local bank or credit union.

Money and Health

For me, the way we plan with our money is the same way we need to plan with our health. You need to invest some time and attention in order to spend your money wisely, in order to earn more, and in order to invest well. Likewise, you need to invest time and attention in your health. It’s important to take care of both your money and your health now, so that if something happens, you have a little in reserve and can heal.

Just like financial stress can have an impact on your health and wellbeing, financial peace of mind can help to improve your health. Both your health and your financial wellbeing are worth investing in.  

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